TD 314“From Stressed to Blessed”  

                           Trish Dennison your “Spiritual Midwife for Life”  IMG_1373  


“Trish helps women experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges with their life, family, work or physical and mental health”

 You can heal your ‘life’ from the inside out.

Stop the worry, stress and anxiety and take action!!

 Continued stress and anxiety will only make things worse, exasperate

                                       and increase distress physically and emotionally and affect your joy of life. 


 Your body and your emotions are not the enemy they are simply messengers getting your attention. “I need you now.” Listen  its time! 

 There is a softer, gentler way. 

Commit to a complete self-care program with Trish and experience relief today.

 With twenty eight years of personal and professional growth, Trish is presently combining her expertise as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Family and Child Coach, Personal Life Coach and Natural Health Consultant into one Transformational Personal Practice

From Stressed to Blessed: Extreme Self Care. Interactive Membership Programs helping women release stress and anxiety, take care of their health and bring joy, peace and renewed purpose back into their lives.

Whether you purchase Trish’s book, engage in the group training or enroll in a private coaching program, one thing is certain. You will get the results you came for more easily, joyfully and peacefully than trying to do it all on your own.“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. “

  I invite you visit the EFT page. You will soon understand why it is a perfect addition to my existing coaching programs. Explore the options available on the Opportunities page as they are launched and choose the program that feels right in your heart. Trust the timing and reap the rewards today. TD

“Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words can Hurt Forever” A Message from the  Children in my Chair

by Trish Dennison   BNCover 93133  

For instant access get your copy link here:   www.amessagefromthechildreninmychair.ca

or from your favorite on line book vendor.

Click below to find Trish and more information at the worlds most trusted tapping site, The Tapping Solution.




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